If you are having behavioral problems with your dogs, you should definitely call Melissa! I am so thankful I did as she worked wonders with my two dogs. They were afraid of all noises and people. I tried everything to ease their fears but was having little success. With Melissa's help, my dog's personalities have changed, they are friendly, and I can walk them outside now without them being fearful. Melissa is compassionate and loving, my dogs very quickly learned to love her. If you need help with your pets, call Melissa. You will be so glad you did.

Sincerely & Thankfully,
Irene Whitman
Largo, FL


I first sought out Melissa's help when my Chihuahua started showing signs of aggression towards my one-year-old son.  Midway through our training I spontaneously got a pug puppy, which turned my home into chaos.  Melissa is now working with all of us together so we can be a happy, well-balanced family unit.

Lee Ann McIlravey

St. Petersburg, FL

I am so pleased that my experience with Melissa was so positive.  I was feeling that I had a lost cause on my hands.  I have had a female Bengal for 4 yrs.  She was always the dominate cat, and that was fine, because the only time she had contact with other cats was when my son came with his cat.  She and Forest got along well, and she seemed to miss him when they left to return home.  Also, she seemed bored, and was starting to sleep a lot. 

I thought if she had some company she would be happier and more active.  For Christmas my son gave me a kitten Bengal boy.  Well, that was the beginning of some very serious spats, and outright cat fights.  I did all the things I had heard to do to introduce them properly.  It was necessary to keep them separate at all times.  The hissing and clawing at closed doors was ongoing.

I was asking at our Vet's for information on advice to solve this problem, they first told me of Melissa Koberna.  By this time I was ready to try anything, or give the kitten back to my son, as he got along well with Forest. 

Thanks to Melissa, things started to improve slowly as she instructed me how to have them together for short periods of time.  This gradually improved the tension times, and with more help from Melissa, as to what to do after they did have a scrap, the spats became less and less.  They were spending longer periods of time together, still running and chasing each other, but more in a play type situation.

Life has become more pleasant, with the 2 of them adapting to being in the same house and liking it.

In the mornings they touch noses and greet each other after a night of sleep, and then it is off to running and chasing.  They go to their special spot to get their treats.  They share them on the same placemat and have a good time eating as fast as possible to see who gets the most.  Race wins, as Summertime isn't worried about where her next meal will come from!

Thanks to Melissa's special talent, the Bengals are doing well.

Maxine Kelly

Largo, FL

Fletcher, my daughter's service dog, injured his neck and could no longer use a leash on his collar.  We tried a body harness and he pulled so hard, my daughter didn't want to leave the house. 

As Melissa helped us with Fletcher's behavioral issues, we quickly realized that she was training us to be more sensitive and aware humans! By teaching us, we are able to work more effectively with Fletcher. 

Melissa helped us understand behaivors that preceded the pulling and therefore helped us correct the pulling before it even occured!  Not only has Fletcher's behavior improved, but thanks to Melissa, my daughter feels more comfortable leaving the house with him.

Melissa has an intimate understanding of animal behaivor. She is able to quickly assess an issue and translate this knowledge into a work plan for your best friend.  She possesses excellent communication skills and combined with an amazing amount of tolerance and patience, is able to train the most oblivious human (I can personally vouch for this!)  on proper animal behavior modification.

We are so thankful to have found Melissa and highly recommend her for any training needs you may have.

Carol Furgal

Largo, FL

Thanks so much for your invaluable "pointing the way" training for our Mini-dachshund, Amy.  Her training (and ours) was fun, informative, and very rewarding.  Olivia was upset that you're not coming back!!

Al Landgraf

Clearwater, FL

I first sought Melissa's assistance when my nine year old dog became somewhat aggressive to my five year old lab.  I was afraid that I was not going to be able to keep both dogs in the house together.  I was uneasy at the first home visit, but Melissa gave me excellent support.  Her calm and positive attitude combined with her expert skills helped me redirect Bailey's behavior.  I learned how to observe his actions and gently correct them.  Now the boys are doing quite well together.  I am thrilled with the results Melissa helped me achieve.  I can definitely recommend Melissa's services with confidence.

Margo Stewart

Clearwater, FL

If you're looking for any type of behavior modification or dog training, I would look no further than Melissa.  She comes with vast experience and years of working with new pet owners.  In addition to her knowledge and ability, her upbeat attitude and articulate instruction make the entire process very enjoyable.  In no time at all she will teach you how to take your unruly and undisciplined pet to become a well mannered canine friend.  Her class size was small so group training sessions were very effective and her in-home training will move you weeks ahead.

Jim and Chris Koenig

Dunedin, FL

I initially engaged Melissa and her Progressive Animal Technique training to integrate Pebbles (a new puppy) into our home with Seaira our 2.5 year old female Schnoodle.  The training was as much for me as it was for them!  After each great 1 hour instructional "hands on" training, I was provided with a write up to continue the training until our next session.  The transformation and the progress was significant.  The training took on a whole new meaning after Pebbles was attacked by 2 Pitbulls.  Both of my babies suffered from Doggie PTSD.  Melissa developed a whole new plan with easy and effective techniques to move forward based on the trauma of the attack.  Some of the issues that we faced included fear of all other dogs and people, constant barking when some walked by the house or walking when we were, riding in the car, not wanted to go past the front yard, and hyper protectiveness.  She handled all of us all with great care, concern and compassion.  Her techniques allowed us to move past this experience with confidence and poise!  I am forever grateful for her professionalism, empathy and understanding of the human / canine bond and how to transform even the toughest challenges.  I would HIGHLY recommend Melissa to all dog owners who want a positive and effective training program for their canine children.  



Meri Stockwell,

Belleair Beach, Florida

"Cats can learn new behaviors to!"

"Even children can train dogs!"


"A walk should be fun for both owner and dog!"


"Dogs love to learn!"


"Working the heel behavior"


"Animal Trainer Melissa Koberna and her aquatic friends!"


"Off leash work is rewarding!"