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Progressive Animal Training,LLC (PAT) provides a fun and effective method of animal training based on positive reinforcement techniques.

Animal Trainer Melissa Koberna utilizes her decades of experience in training dolphins to teach you how to solve problems, teach new behaviors, and increase enjoyment of life with your pet.

Working with dogs, cats and other animals, Progressive Animal Training serves the Tampa Bay region. Progressive Animal Training provides training in a variety of settings, from small classes and training while boarding to in-home training and individual behavioral consultations for problems your pet may have. Contact Melissa at or 727-656-8065 for more information.



If you have ever watched a dolphin show, you probably saw the dolphins do fantastic jumps and flips and wondered, “How do they get those dolphins to do that?” The same training techniques used with dolphins can be used to effectively train your dog or cat. Animal Trainer Melissa Koberna can show you how to employ these techniques to increase communication and positive interactions with your pet.